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The hug
Headquarters of Prefecture

1st Prize
Headquarters of Prefecture in Trikala

The proposal aims at the construction of a technologically modern building block. The building with a “G” form “embraces” and surrounds the natural space and consequently exploits it to the maximum degree. The turn of axes of the constructional and functional grid in parallel and vertical to the axis North-South provides for, on one side the opening of the building front to the city in a friendly way, and on the other side the organisation of sun protective screens in the sunward sides of the office wings.

Architectural Competition: 1st Prize
In collaboration with the Office of Architectural Design, ASTET/ D. Katzourakis – Gr. Tsamperis.

Energy-Saving Design: A. Tsagkrasoulis
Structure: P. Kondis
Mechanicals: A. Stamatopoulou
Project Team: N. Gioussaki, E. Theotokatou, N. Theotokis, G. Kaplani, E. Kouineli, M. Makri, S. Papadatos, L. Tsamperi