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Spiros Papadopoulos is Professor of Architecture at the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece. He holds a PhD from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAΜ, 1997) and a Diploma of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, 1991)

He is actively involved with audiovisual media and multimodal design in the fields of architecture and visual arts researching the interdisciplinary interaction among contemporary urban design issues and new technology. His work was presented at several exhibitions. He was the scientific coordinator and the director of the television program “Metalocus”, dealt with the contemporary perception of visual arts and urban culture (Channel Seven, 2000). Since 1999 he has been the co-editor of the international journal “Metalocus”, which has been awarded for the dissemination of architecture.

Design team currently:
Efi Mantzari (architect)
George Zafeiropoulos (architect)

Past members of the design team:
Antonis Bezes (programming)
Chariklia Chari(architect)
Roberto Garcia Fallola (architect)
Nancy Gkousiaki (architect)
George Iliadis (architect)
Miltos Inglezos (architect)
Yota Kaplani (architect)
Eleni Kouineli (architect)
Themistoklis Lekkas (architect)
Francisco de Luna y Sango (soundscapes)
Antonis Manolesos (architect)
Elena Mantzari (linguist)
Myrtia Nikolakopoulou (curator)
Antonella Nikolopoulou (architect)
Yiannis Papadopoulos (graphic designer)
Ira Papadopoulou (curator)
Stephanos Papadatos (architect)
Archo Pischou (architect)
Raquel Ballesteros Sáez (architect)
Alexandros Sigalas (programming)
Virginia Sotiraki (architect)
Stelios Spanopoulos (architect)
Eleni Spyridaki (architect)
Manolis Stavrakakis (architect)
Miltos Tsakiris (architect)
Stella Tsiontsi (architect)
Kostis Velonis (Artist)
Katerina Zoumaki (architect)