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The emerging promise: Architectural design, animation and computer games
edited by: Eleni Mouri, Panayiotis Kyriakoulakos
Paesaggi del futuro: matrici ibride tra naturale e virtuale
Un laboratorio internazionale di progettazione del paesaggi,
edited by: D. Colafranceschi, V. Gioffrè
The flapping wings of the landscape
Landscape Accessibility,
edited by: V. Morabito
Edited by: Aaron Koen, Aggelos Floros 
Sampling Strategies - Changing Landscapes
in Changing Landscapes, Volos 2011, edited by:
L. Papadopoulos,
S. Papadopoulos, V. Trova
Notes in Stretto
in Changing Landscapes. Mediterranean sensitive areas design, D. Colafranceschi [ed.], Alinea Editrice, Florence.
Transfiguraciones: Notas sobre el paisaje del Ática en el cine griego
Cuaderno de Notas n. 13
“Logorama". The city of logos
Vima ideon No.37, Athens
download pdf | gr
Urban visions in science fiction cinema
Architektones no. 53
download pdf | gr
Interview with Peter Greenaway
Metalocus no. 017, Madrid
Transformations - Looking for the attic landscape in the Greek cinema
Architecture in Greece no. 39, Athens
Virtual space and multimodal communication
in Architectural Design and digital technologies 2, S.Vergopoulos, A.Kalfopoulos(eds.), Ekkremes, Athens.
Metropolis on hold
 Krama No. 9, Athens
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I walked in the house of Big Brother or “architectural surveillance and narration”
Architecture in Greece no. 37, Athens
The building as devivice. An interview with Zafos Xagoraris
Metalocus no. 09, Madrid
Andrei Tarkovski and the oriental world. The cosmic symbolism of Solaris
Metalocus no. 08, Madrid
Postpolis. Interview with Javier Echeverria
Metapolis 2001, Metapolis Press, Athens
The city as a problem of alchemy
Metapolis no.1, Metapolis Press, Athens
Message City
Metalocus, no. 03, Madrid
Interview with the architect Enric Miralles
Metalocus, no. 03, Madrid
On the road museum
En Volo, no 9
Post - polis. Interview with Javier Echeverria
Metalocus, 01, Madrid