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Marousi, Open cultural Spaces
This pilot video is part of the preliminary study ‘The urban space as a filed of cultural communication / cultural oasis in the urban environment of the municipality of Amarousio’, under the coordination of the sculptor Thodoros. The screenplay is structured by three distinct but interfering units relating to time and notion:

_the narrative of successive short stories/memories of an elder resident of Marousi.
_the historical, through the presentation of selected passages of the lemma ‘Marousi’ from the ‘Great Hellenic Encyclopedia’.
_the formation of a theoretical method for analyzing and designing cultural events/oasis in Marousi, based on the language of the video in order to identify, read and write the free ‘voids’ of the structured space.  

Written and directed by: Nikos Lascaris, Dimitris Charitos, Spiros Papadopoulos