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METALOCUS is an international journal that is distributed every six months in a bilingual publication (Spanish and English) and is supported and published by the architects José Juan Barba and Spiros Papadopoulos.

METALOCUS is a multi-collective document which starting from two points, Athens and Madrid, covers contemporary issues of art and architecture.

METALOCUS is a programmatic idea, a research tool which through different forms of expression, the systematic publication since 1999 and the homonymous television program in channel 7 in 2000, realize a common goal: the detection of the contemporary tendencies of art and architecture.

METALOCUS investigates the contemporary themes in the filed of science and their integration into the fields of visual arts and architecture, suggesting new tools of production and analysis.

METALOCUS records the area in which different methods of expression from the fields of art and science (painting, photography, sculpture, installations, literature, physics, philosophy, cinema, new technologies, etc) intertwine with architecture.

METALOCUS is a field of fruitful proposals, discussions and brainstorming for architecture, urban environment and landscape aiming to record and investigate the multiple forms of the contemporary culture.

METALOCUS supports the rise of the intensity and the speed of connections between people who are interested in art and architecture in different parts of the world.

METALOCUS is provided by specialized bookstores and museums and is hosted in libraries and universities in several countries of the world.


Santiago Amon

Panayiotis Mixelis

Pierre Vago Award