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Airport El. Venizelos
The aim of the project is the redesign of an underground corridor of the international airport E. Venizelos, of roughly 800 m. length.

One of the more critical problems that the design should solve was the vast length of the corridor and the claustrophobic reaction of passengers walking from the main to the satellite terminal. The proposal focused in the concept of gallery with its old meaning as a corridor –gallery of artworks.

The implementation provides for the compartmentalisation of the corridor in certain areas with characteristic labelling, so that the passengers know at which point they are and how much distance remains to walk.

The splitting of the corridor in seven areas follows the chromatic spectrum and each area is characterized by a certain colour. Simultaneously, in each area a concrete region is fixed where thematic exhibitions take place. The first exhibition had the title “Olympic Details” and it included archival photographic material.