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Notes in triton

10th Venice Biennale of Architecture
The film was implemented in the framework of the Greek participation at the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture, presenting the theme “The dispersed urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago”.

Its aim is to represent the meeting of twelve Greek architects, which exchange arguments regarding the “city” of the Archipelago. The meeting took place on 18th July 2006 in the ruin of the hotel Xenia “Triton” in Andros, designed by the architect Aris Konstandinidis.

With a constant view to the ruin of “Triton” the film traces the distinct parts of the discussion and it composes the different arguments into a corpus of notes, thoughts and representations that constitute a single narrative discourse, thus presenting and interpreting the character of the Aegean Archipelago as an alternative example of modern urbanity.

participants: yannis aesopos, sophia vyzoviti, katerina kotzia, elias constantopoulos, lois papadopoulos,
constantinos patestos, rena sakellaridou, yiorgos tzirtzilakis, dimitris fatouros, dimitris philippides, korina filoxenidou, mimi hatzisavva

directed by spiros papadopoulos
cameras: vagelis mathas, christos kamanatzis
still images: stratos kalafatis, spiros staveris
sound: thomas sofianopoulos
boom: kostas poutahidis
video editing and mixing: nikos alexandratos, yiorgos petrolekas
intro music: ‘transit’ by clandestinos
sound effects: francisco de luna y sango
translation: com / n.pratsinis – c.zisimou
material coordination:stella tsiontsi
production coordination: eman pro

the video was produced on the occasion of the greek participation of the 10th venice biennale
curators: elias constantopoulos, korina filoxenidou, katerina kotzia, lois papadopoulos

supported by

Documentary Festivals
9th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
1st Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival
7th International Film Festival ECOCINEMA, Piraeus 
1st Greek Documentary Festival Chalkida