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European Education School

Education in this project means moving towards the floating structure, moving towards pervasive knowledge, moving towards the light. The aim is to experience knowledge that hovers in the air, like an open and straightforward gesture above the ground, a knowledge platform hovering over the landscape

The school that will host this kind of knowledge is a porous and regenerating infrastructure. A series of spatial and airy utterances inform the design of the school shell and establish a new ground-air relationship; a perforated landscape between Earth and Sky, a material and immaterial succession of events.

Architects: Vasilis Karamalis, Spiros Papadopoulos
Collaborators: F. Kanellopoulou, A. Malakasioti, K. Georgiou, E. Zouzoula, M. Flessa, X. Ioannou
Low Energy Design: A. Tsangkrasoulis
Electircal/Mechanical Design: Georgakopoulos - Asimakis
Structure: K. Liontos