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Libro Luz
Feria de Libro - Madrid
Exhibition pavilion of the municipality of Madrid

The project is a proposal for the exhibition pavilion of the municipality of Madrid for the annual book exhibition. The main concept is the transformation of the pavilion into a book that permits the implicit comprehension of the main object to be exhibited. It comments, at the same time, on the ‘object’ that has spread knowledge on the past centuries during a period that new forms and means are developed.

The book installation is transparent in order to permit reading from a distance and making it a point of reference. A book whose content is open to everyone. Through this method, the main goal of the pavilion is succeeded which is the communication of the ideas and the messages of the exhibition. In the presence of dark and vague knowledge systems the project suggests an open book, a book of light.

In collaboration with: J.J. Barba, A. Nikolopoulou